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Meaning of names

The meaning of the names



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Origin and meaning of the name Wenceslaus

What is the meaning of my name? Wenceslaus

Name Wenceslaus - Meaning of Wenceslaus

Baby name: Wenceslaus

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Meaning and origin

Wenceslaus - Meaning and origin

Meaning and origin of names for printing and framing. Also you can give them printed for birthdays or send by email!

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Names for babies

Wenceslaus - Names for babies

Names for babies. Also you can look for the name of your children or nephews, and print them. Send them by email or share too.

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Names in stickers

Wenceslaus - Names in stickers

Names with characters, to print on cardboard or sticker paper. You can also share or send by email.

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Names for children's rooms

Wenceslaus - Names for children's rooms

Names for doors of children's rooms, maternity wards, or for birthdays. You can print them, share or send by email.

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Names and initials

Wenceslaus - Names and initials

Names and initials for schedules, calendars, or for the room. Also your initial or your friends to print, send by email or share.

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