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Meaning of names

The meaning of names, origin and characteristics of the names, dictionary of names. The most popular names for boys and girls. What does your name mean? Discover the meaning of your name!

Meaning of names

Names, meaning of names! Look for the meaning of the names of your family or the names of your friends. Baby names, colorful names to send or print. Look for a name in Alphabetical order.

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Meaning of names

What is the meaning of my name?

What does my name mean?
Meaning of names, origin and characteristics. What name will we give our son? Names for babies.
You can send the meaning of the names by email, print them or surprise someone with a different gift. Find the meaning of names for boys and girls. List of names ordered by their initials from A to Z. You will be able to know the meaning and the origin of your name.

Discover the meaning of the names
Here you will find more than 500 names with their meaning and origin.
If you are looking for a name for your baby, you can consult the names that you like the most in alphabetical order. There are lists of the most popular names, of original feminine and masculine names.

Are you looking for the origin of a particular name?
This is the ideal site to search for the origin of a name, you will find names of biblical origin, names of Greek, Latin, German origin and with roots from various countries and cultures. Also related to mythology, saints, the universe, nature and spiritual values.
Surprise someone by sending them the origin and meaning of their name!
You can also access hundreds of images of names in large size to send, share or print at a very low cost.

How to personalize, send and share the meaning of names
. Choose the name you want to know its meaning and origin.
. Click the button to share that page on social networks, you can add a text to it.
. If you have the premium plan you can download the images of the names in large size to send, share or print. Once you have entered your password, choose the Send by email button to personalize the chosen name and select the delivery day.
. Write under the card, you can choose the font, size and color. Then you can center the text or try different layouts.

Share the meaning of names on Whatsapp and Facebook
You can send them by Whatsapp or publish the names on Facebook, Twitter and social networks.

You can send the meaning and origin of a name with your mobile phone
Do you want to send the names from anywhere?
With it can be done, since the design of the site and the names are accommodated to your mobile device!
This section has been continuously growing since our site began. We offer you several options of colorful cards to send, print, give or share.

Meaning of names in colorful cards: If you are a premium member you can print and send the cards with the meaning of names by email and frame them. Also if you do not find your name in the lists in alphabetical order, you can ask us to add it.

Decorative designs: Images with original designs to print and frame.

Baby names: Designs for babies or children. Find the one of your children, grandchildren or nephews, and print it to decorate the room.
Meaning of names, What is the meaning of my name? Meaning and origin of the names What name we will give our son?

You can send the names by email, print or surprise someone with a different gift. Also look for children names.

Have a very happy birthday

Have a very happy birthday

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