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Special baby ecard

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Special baby ecard

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How to Personalize a Baby Premium ecard
. Click the Social Share button to add a message to it and save it.
. Choose the Send by email button to personalize it and select the day it will be sent.
. Write under the ecard, you can choose the font, size and color. Then you can center it or try different designs.

Baby Premium ecards to send via Whatsapp or share on Facebook
You can send the link to your ecard by Whatsapp or post them on Facebook. You can also print them.

Send ecards with your mobile phone.
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Some dedications you can write under a card:

I send you a big hug!

A big hug on this special day.

Have a nice day.

I wish you the best. Have a great day!

Have an unforgettable day.

A card full of good vibes for you. A big hug.

Holiday or occasion: Baby Premium
Ecard title: Special baby ecard

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