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New egreetings with friendly bears and Labor day ecards!

Special News from
All you want to say with animated eCards in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


New ecards with friendly bears
Our friendly bears ecards for sending greetings, congratulations
and good wishes. Birthday ecards, friendship and special dates
with funny bears to share with everyone.

Surprise your friends and relatives with the new messages and designs.
Birthday, friendship, hello, love, family and more.
Send eCards to 35 recipients at a time.

You can personalize birthday ecards and schedule
them to be sent on a later date.

Labor Day ecards
Easily to send to your family and friends. Time for fun!

Love ecards
You will find romantic ecards for countless occasions.

The meaning of names
Find out the origin and interesting details of names.

Expandable ecards
Ecards to surprise everyone! Send and share fun ecards for birthdays and holidays.

Family ecards
Ecards to send warm wishes to your love ones. Send these beautiful ecards
to let they know how much they mean to you.

Hi Hello ecards
Send greetings and messages for every day of the week! Wish someone a great day
with these funny free or premium ecards.

Friendship ecards
Ecards to send your friends the best messages and tell them how much you care.
For the friends who are always there for you.

Thank you ecards
Thank you ecards to wish the best to those that, for whatever reason,
we want to thank with special greetings.

Free causes and awareness ecards about Rights for kids, Peace, Health awareness,
Women's equality, Animals protection and Volunteering.

Baby egreetings
Baby ecards to send warm greetings.


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