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Birthday Ecards

Birthday Ecards

  Animated eCards 

Entertainment: Create your own e-card and games Entertainment: Create your own e-card and games
  • Create your card: choose the background and characters.
  • Add a personal message, enlarge or reduce the images.
  • Send e-cards with a design created by you.
  • Games: Landscape puzzles, Memo test and a lot more.

Printable Cards Printable Cards
In this section you will find cards for you to print at home and give to someone anytime. Birthday, friendship, love and special dates cards. You can personalize them to your liking, by replacing the names or changing the message. Try printing your personalized card now, it's easy.

Virtual Gifts Virtual Gifts
You can add the virtual gifts to your Favorites, eMail them to your contacts or add them to your Skype.

wallpapers, pictures and images Special Wallpapers
Wallpapers with beach and sea pictures. Funny images to decorate your computer. Pictures that take you to a far away place in the world.

Meaning of names, baby names The meaning of names
Find out the meaning and origin of your name or your friends and relatives.
Print them in full color or e-mail them!
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Special dates and holidays
August 2014
03 - Friendship Day
04 - Day of the pastor
12 - Aloha Day
15 - Woodstock day
15 - Assumption of St. Mary
18 - National Day of homeless animals
22 - World Day of folklore
26 - Day of Compassion
27 - Saint Monica
28 - St. Augustine
31 - International Day of obstetrics
Special dates and holidays
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