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Halloween Ecards

Halloween ecards to surprise your friends and loved ones on this special day! Funny and spooky greeting cards!
Celebrate Halloween with these special ecards. Browse our scary selection, customize your message and send Halloween cards online!

Halloween ecard for you
Halloween ecard for you (Premium) Ecard
Special Halloween ecard
Special Halloween ecard (Premium) Ecard
This is a big night...
This is a big night... (Free) Ecard
Happy Halloween ecard
Happy Halloween ecard (Premium) Ecard
October 31, Halloween
October 31, Halloween (Free) Ecard
Happy Halloween greetings
Happy Halloween greetings (Premium) Ecard
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween! (Free) Ecard
Happy Halloween e-greeting
Happy Halloween e-greeting (Premium) Ecard
Halloween party
Halloween party (Premium) Ecard
October 31
October 31 (Premium) Ecard

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Ecards for all occasions and special dates of the year. Click on the one you like best to see it in large size!

Halloween (Free) Image
Halloween egreeting
Halloween egreeting (Premium) Ecard
Halloween ecard
Halloween ecard (Premium) Ecard
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween (Premium) Ecard
Create ecards!

Create ecards!

Design your own ecards! Choose the image, then type a phrase, select the background color, the font, and save your ecard. You can send it, publish and share in all mobile devices.
Halloween (Premium) Ecard
Happy Halloween night
Happy Halloween night (Premium) Ecard
Halloween Castle ecard
Halloween Castle ecard (Premium) Ecard
Happy Halloween ecard
Happy Halloween ecard (Premium) Ecard
Halloween magic
Halloween magic (Premium) Ecard
Ghost (Free) Image
Halloween night
Halloween night (Premium) Ecard
Halloween! (Free) Image
Enjoy this night!
Enjoy this night! (Premium) Image
Your Halloween surprise...
Your Halloween surprise... (Premium) Ecard
Enjoy this Halloween night
Enjoy this Halloween night (Premium) Ecard

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Halloween Ecards

Ecards of Halloween

Halloween ecards Images with names
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Create a personalized Halloween ecard!
Here you will find Halloween ecards to send or share on this special date. Personalize and send a card that they will always remember. It is a section of original ecards designed for all ages.

Looking for a different Halloween image?
This is the ideal site to find images and ecards to send greetings on Halloween. Personalize the ecard that you like the most with a dedicated message, select the font and color. You can choose the day you want it to be sent. Surprise everyone!
There are cards that are totally free! You can also access thousands of animated cards, images and premium illustrations at a very low cost.

How to Personalize a Halloween ecard:
. Choose the ecard image you want to send or share.
. Click the Social Share button to add a message and save it.
. Choose the Send button to personalize and select the day it will be sent.
. Write under the ecard, you can choose the font, size and color. Then you can center it or try the different designs.

Halloween ecards to send via Whatsapp or share on Facebook
You can send the link to your card by Whatsapp or post them on Facebook. You can also print them.

Send Halloween postcards with your mobile phone
Do you want to send the ecards from anywhere? With you can do it, the design of the site and the ecards are adapted to your mobile device!

Happy Halloween templates, photos or images
Choose the background, typography and text within the design. Prepare Halloween ecards in advance so they arrive on October 31 to your family, friends and acquaintances. Cards for Halloween night, online postcards with colorful pumpkins, ghosts, cute monsters and castles. View card templates for Halloween, greetings, and other special dates.

Halloween celebration, cards and festivities

It is celebrated on October 31.

The history of Halloween begins in the 5th century BC. like a Celtic legend, in Ireland. The end of summer and the beginning of the new year were celebrated with the spirits of people who had died. For this reason they left a lighted candle at the door of the house before going to the celebration, as the wind sometimes extinguished the candles, they began to protect them with a hollow gourd, so the wind could not extinguish them before their return and this represented a good omen for the following year. The custom of asking for sweets derives from the 9th century, in which Christians in Europe went around the houses asking for "soul cakes", and promised to pray for relatives who no longer lived on earth.

In the Middle Ages, also in the Old Continent, people used masks to scare away spirits that could bring drought to their crops or other evils. From there comes the use of costumes and masks to ward off witches and spirits.

This holiday arrives with the pioneers in the United States, as a tradition, it was a European Catholic holiday that became even more popular with the arrival of immigrants from Ireland in 1840.

This date has already spread to several countries in America and Europe.

Happy Halloween Night!

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